This amazing series called 'The Art of Kundalini', was created by an Australian artist, Arna Baartz.  The Kundalini experience has been described as a sleeping, dormant potential force in the human body.   It is a power of pure enlightenment and creativity...

These affirmations were created as a daily reminder that there is a Kundalini experience waiting within you.  YOUR life is important and should be filled with color, happiness and inner magic.  Enjoy these personal daily affirmations and begin to build a loving appreciation for your mind, body and overall existence.

Why daily affirmations?  When you say an affirmation you are sending a message to your unconscious mind and the entire universe. You are confirming what you want, rather than what you don’t want. Your universe and unconscious mind will then start working on bringing you what you desire...




Abundance is all around me. Money is just one form of abundance that comes into my life easily and effortlessly. Receiving money is a joy for me.



I am a kind, loving and peaceful person who cares not only for myself, but for other people, animals and the planet. Harmony flows all around me.



I am allowing my mind and entire body to relax. Everything comes to me smoothly and effortlessly.



I thank the Universe for all that I have been given. I know that the Universal forces are responding to my thoughts, feelings and vibrations. As I focus more and more on being grateful for what I have and what I want in this life, I have the ability to make this life whatever I want it to be.



I know that I am a deserving person of love and of romance.  I am grateful for the love that I receive every day, in whatever positive way that it comes.  I am always sending love out to everyone that I know and the entire planet.  Today is filled with LOVE.



I am at peace in my life.  My day is filled with harmony and balance.  I trust the process of life and know that it will serve me well



My life is a filled with joy and rich surprises.  All I need to do now is stop all criticism towards myself and others.  I just have to forgive, relax and be open to happiness in all aspects of my life.  Wonderful things are happening to me.


the guardian

The universe is watching out for me.  I am constantly being guided in positive, harmonious directions throughout my day.  I am loved and safe.  I know that if I ask the universe, angels, or whatever my guiding help is for assistance, I will receive it.  All I have to do is ask.



I believe in myself and know that I am capable of many things.  I am a unique individual and know that it is alright to be different.  Being different is creative and interesting.  I empower myself every day.  I love myself.



My heart is open to giving and receiving love. I attract light and love from everyone. Happiness is a choice. Because I choose to be happy, I am an open portal allowing only experiences filled with light and love to flow into my reality.



I am grateful to everyone that has ever come into my life. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to manifest amazing, friendly, inspiring and kind people into my life. The people that I surround myself with are supportive, see my genius and help me reach my goals.


moving forward

I am constantly moving in the direction of my life’s goals. I am my best self and make decisions that reflect me as a person. I make decisions based on the standard for which I want to be known.



I am able to manifest anything that I want in my life, for I am connected to everything through energy.



I am doing what I love to do. Every moment of everyday, I have the choice to focus my attention and energy on what it is I want to experience. I am consciously choosing how I enjoy the moments in my day.



I forgive myself for everything that I have been blaming myself for. I am a beautiful soul experiencing a physical experience here on Earth. I am now moving forward in a positive and creative direction. Forgiveness is the key for my success.



Life changing experiences are happening to me all of the time, even if I am not always aware of them. I am constantly changing for the better. I am consistently being presented with the most wonderful inspiring opportunities. So many fantastic things are happening to me now.



I have the ability to heal my mind and body. Being aware of my thoughts and how they affect the way I feel is the most powerful gift that I can give myself. I am always transforming and becoming something new.



I am a worthy person who deserves all the good things the world has to offer. Every day is a new exciting opportunity for magic and miracles to occur in my life.


a vivid life

I am a creative being. I am a vortex for creative ideas and thoughts. Colors, visions and concepts and ideas come easily to me.


be willing

If a task needs doing, I am going to complete it to the best of my ability. Approaching even mundane tasks as an art form makes my life more inspiring and artful.



I am grateful for this life that I am living and all the days that I still have left to live. My life is an open canvas on which I will use all my tools and colours to create my masterpiece.



Everything that is currently in my life, I have created. I am able to see the blessing and positive effect of the things I once condemned. Things are always working out for me.


new experiences

I am excited about my future. From this moment on, I am holding the energy necessary to attract inspiring new experiences and positive, helpful people into my reality. I am a capable genius and a creative individual who has talents and skill that are uniquely my own. I am discovering and sharing more of my genius with others every day.


present moment

The past has no power over me. The only thing that matters is the present moment. It is right here in this moment that I have the power to create my future. When I look to the future with positive expectation, I am creating that experience now and in the future.